Sunny Worldwide Logistics focuses on Thailand Double clearance logistics. Jamie is a small retailer in Thailand and has never imported goods in bulk. The goods she wants to buy include LED lighting, in-line duct fans, indoor growing tents and other small items.


The order was small and varied, and many logistics companies thought it was too troublesome and did not take her order seriously. So, on July 27, 2022, after seeing the positive comments from Thailand Double clearance logistics customers of Sunny Worldwide Logistics on Ali, Jamie found Sunny Worldwide Logistics.


She said that she had no transportation experience and wanted to find a reliable freight forwarder. , to guide her through the process.


"Icing on the cake is easy, but sending charcoal in the snow is difficult." Sunny Worldwide Logistics is sincere, professional, and reliable. There will never be a situation where a small order is not taken seriously, and it is willing to grow together with customers.


After receiving the information from Jaime, a Thai customer, I told her about the detailed process of Double clearance Logistics in Thailand. And simplify the operation process, tell the customers that they only need to purchase the goods, and just give me the contact information of the supplier.


I will further confirm the customs declaration and delivery issues with the customer's supplier, and sort out the information of her purchase for the customer.


The Thai customer Jaime has a total of 12 suppliers. I sent a unified shipping mark to the suppliers and gave them the delivery address. For individual suppliers who need to pick up the goods, I arranged logistics to pick up the goods at the supplier's factory. After collecting all the goods, I went to the warehouse to check the goods in person,


and sent pictures and videos of the goods to the customer to ensure that every piece of goods was received and the goods were in good condition. If any cartons were found to be damaged, I would immediately take pictures and send them to the customer and arrange for repackaging.


Sunny Worldwide Logistics Thailand Double clearance logistics service has cabinet loading every week. After loading, the customer will receive the goods in about 15 days. After receiving the customer's shipping fee, we will help the customer arrange the loading of the cabinet at the first time, and update the cargo status to the customer the next day, so that the customer who is transporting for the first time feels a full sense of security.


Jaime, a customer from Thailand, said that it was much easier than she imagined. She had the idea of importing goods from China a few years ago, but she was discouraged every time, and this time she finally took the first step.


In the following six months, the business of the Thai customer Jaime has been growing steadily. Thailand Double clearance Logistics has more goods every time. Now the Thai customer Jaime has become a well-known local retailer. She said that our Sunny Worldwide Logistics It's her lucky star.


We, Sunny Worldwide Logistics, not only serve big customers like Huawei, but also small customers like Jaime from Thailand, because we believe that small customers can become big customers one day. Accompanying the growth of customers is also one of my missions in logistics.


Shenzhen Sunny Worldwide Logistics has been established for more than 20 years. There are many different logistics products that can meet the needs of different customers.


Our Thailand Double clearance logistics channel has solved the customs clearance problems in China and Thailand for countless first-time and inexperienced customers.


 Deliver the goods to customers quickly and safely. Many customers who have worked with us will basically never find a second one.


Sunny Worldwide Logistics is more than the owner of the goods. If you are also planning to try the import and export business, you are welcome to try it out~