1. India's famous digital freight forwarder "Freightwalla" closed down and dismissed all employees. It was once a top ten freight forwarder in the Asia Pacific;

2. MSC upgrades 11 Asian routes, expands and strengthens its internal network in Asia, and provides customers with new direct flight services;

3. On May 23, cherries from Uzbekistan entered the country from Xi'an Xianyang Airport. Since the "China-Central Asia Summit" was held, it was the first batch of Central Asian fruits imported through the designated supervision site.

4. Canada and Saudi Arabia will appoint and exchange new ambassadors, signaling that the two countries have agreed to resume diplomatic relations after a five-year hiatus.

5. By 2025, Shenzhen will preliminarily build an international shipping center and a highland of emerging marine strategic industries; by 2035, an international shipping center, a high-end service center, and a highland of emerging marine strategic industries will be fully established.

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