In the process of shipping, you are not afraid of anything. During the transportation process, if large equipment does not take safety fixed measures, the cost of sparks generated by collision is more than a little.

Jack is the head of a medical device buyer in the United States. In December last year, Jack purchased a group of medical devices from China. The goods were relatively heavy. In order to reduce the cost of transportation, Jack specially selected the method of shipping transportation.Jack's cooperative Logistics A, because in terms of cargo packaging, only uses simple wooden box packaging without sufficient shockproof and protective measures.During the transportation of sea transportation, due to the large wind and waves, the goods had severe collisions and shaking on the ship.

When the goods arrived in the United States, Jack found that most of the equipment had been severely damaged, and the difficulty of repairing equipment was beyond expectations. The damage amount exceeded one million US dollars.

After Jack experienced this incident, he deeply realized the importance of packaging goods in international logistics, and decisively abandoned the logistics A company. After the introduction of friends around him and understanding different logistics companies, he decided to choose Sunny Worldwide Logistics LogisticsAs a partner, he came to Sunny Worldwide Logistics on March 4, 2023 to conduct interviews and cooperation.

On the morning of March 4th, Susan, deputy president of Sunny Worldwide Logistics, was waiting for the arrival of Jack in the Shenzhen warehouse as early as possible, and a warm welcome ceremony was held.I also visited the environment, facilities, and warehouse operations of the warehouse together, and especially visited the warehouse packing area.Then he came to Sunny Worldwide Logistics Office. Sunny Worldwide Logistics had 1,800 square meters of office buildings in Shenzhen.

According to past shipments, the talks focus on the transportation of sea transportation, the safe fixation of large devices, and Sunny Worldwide Logistics generally uses the following methods:

1. Use wooden boxes or steel frames: For some more fragile large devices, wooden boxes or steel frames can be used for packaging and fixing to protect the equipment from damage during shipping transportation.

2. Use sea transport tray: For some heavier large devices, you can use a marine tray for fixation to ensure that the equipment will not slide or tilt during the transportation of sea transportation.

3. Use ropes or wire ropes: For some relatively complex large devices, rope or steel wire rope can be fixed to ensure that the instrument will not move or tilt during the transportation of sea transportation.

4. Use sea transport containers: For some more common large devices, the sea transport container can be fixed to ensure that the equipment will not be impacted and vibrated by the outside world during the transportation of sea transportation.

5. No matter which method is adopted, the specific safety fixed scheme is required according to the characteristics of the equipment and the situation of shipping transportation to ensure that the equipment is safe and non -damaged during maritime transportation.At the same time, the device is also needed to track and monitor the equipment throughout the shipping transportation process to discover and solve problems in the process of shipping in time.

On March 30, 2023, Jack's first batch of goods was issued from Shenzhen Yantian Port and arrived in the United States on April 18, 2023. Jack was very satisfied with our services and gave a high evaluation.

The packaging of goods in international logistics is very important. If the packaging is improper, it will cause the cargo to be damaged or lost during transportation, especially when the uncertain factors such as the sea transportation transportation storm will directly affect the customer's trust and satisfaction.

Sunny Worldwide Logistics has more than 20 years of experience in international logistics. It has comprehensive logistics networks, focus on details, pay attention to customer experience, estimate various risks in advance, and can provide customers with comprehensive and high -quality international logistics services. sea freightT.jpg