With the service attitude of full-node real-time tracking and feedback, Sunny Worldwide Logistics successfully retained Daniel, a major American customer in the United States. On Tuesday morning, I received an email from American customer Daniel, who told me to order two large cabinets at one time from Shenzhen to Seattle, USA.


 I am very happy that American customer Daniel can hand over this order to Sunny Worldwide Logistics. American customer Daniel has a large children's educational toy company in the United States.


 He has been an old customer of our Sunny Worldwide Logistics for 2 years. He knows that American shipping has always been the main business of our Sunny Worldwide Logistics, so he is also very happy. Trust us in the logistics handling capacity and efficiency of US shipping.


In May 2021, the American customer Daniel's company needed to ship a large cabinet of children's toys from Shenzhen to Seattle, USA. He told me that this is a product that his company is currently in short supply, and he asked Sunny Worldwide Logistics to deliver it on time.


That was the first time he contacted us. After receiving the inquiry at 12:00 noon, I immediately asked the Ministry of Commerce about the fastest shipping plan in the United States. At 2:00 p.m. that day, I reported a comprehensive time-effective and cost-effective latest plan to American customer Daniel. The best transportation plan, but it may be because the American customer Daniel combined the quotations of other freight forwarding companies for comparison. 


The price of Sunny Worldwide Logistics is not the lowest. In the end, the American customer Daniel chose another freight forwarding company with higher cost performance, although it is a pity This time there was no cooperation, but customers have their own considerations, and we at Sunny Worldwide Logistics understand it very well. Out of concern for my friend,


 I mentioned some items and time points that should be paid attention to during the transportation to the American customer Daniel, and reminded him that it will be Labor Day in China in a few days. If he really needs the goods urgently, Be sure to communicate with his freight forwarding company clearly about the details of cargo transportation and time nodes before the holiday. 


Not all American ocean freight forwarding companies are like our Sunny Worldwide Logistics, which promises real-time tracking and feedback at all nodes. Daniel, an American customer, expressed his appreciation for the attitude of Sunny Worldwide Logistics that cooperation is not a friendship, and promised to cooperate with Sunny Worldwide Logistics if there is an opportunity in the future. I thought this matter would pass like this.


However, half a month later, the American customer Daniel suddenly talked to me very anxiously that the freight forwarding company he cooperated with, the time of the trailer of the goods, the time of customs declaration, and the progress of the project could not be timely. Feedback to him,


at this time he suddenly remembered how correct the kind advice we Sunny Worldwide Logistics gave him before was. However, it was too late, the shipment from the United States had already been handed over to the freight forwarding company, and he had no way of terminating the cooperation. 


In this regard, I can only comfort him, and summarize and sort out the time nodes that he needs to pay attention to in the follow-up of American shipping. Another week later, Daniel, an American customer, contacted me suddenly and told me that his shipment from the United States was delayed in the end, which directly affected his turnover for the whole quarter and caused him a huge loss.


Although the American customer Daniel was angry, he was also very helpless, and said that you get what you pay for, professional things should be left to professionals, and sometimes you really can’t pursue cost performance too much, which often leads to bigger problems He also said that he will have a batch of children's toy cars next month,


 and he wants to transport them through our Sunny Worldwide logistics. He hopes that our Sunny Worldwide logistics can give timely feedback and deliver them on time. I also express my sympathy for the American customer Daniel's experience, and promise that our Sunny Worldwide Logistics' American shipping will focus on full-node real-time tracking and feedback, return the cargo owner to the cargo owner,


and ensure that the mission will be achieved. One month later, the American customer Daniel really chose our Sunny Worldwide Logistics to help him arrange the American shipping from Shenzhen port to a small cabinet of children's toys in Seattle, USA. Considering that the American customer Daniel’s American sea freight is in urgent need, which directly affects their company’s income, 


our Sunny Worldwide Logistics has also paid close attention to the American customer Daniel’s order, from trailer, customs declaration, commodity inspection to the arrival of the goods For a series of procedures and precautions such as the port of destination, our Sunny Worldwide Logistics will give him timely feedback and be online 24 hours a day. For some detailed questions about logistics and transportation raised by the American customer Daniel, our Sunny Worldwide Logistics has responded in a timely and professional manner, and finally the goods of the American customer Daniel were delivered on time.


After receiving the goods, the American customer Daniel immediately sent an email to inform me that his goods had been delivered on time, and he was very grateful to our Sunny Worldwide Logistics for the real-time tracking and feedback of the full node of the US ocean freight, and the service attitude and service quality of the owner were better than the owner. ,


 and said that American shipping like our Sunny Worldwide Logistics can achieve real-time tracking and feedback at all nodes, and the business philosophy of returning cargo owners to cargo owners is indeed a benchmark in the logistics industry.


Sunny Worldwide Logistics, an American shipping freight forwarder with real-time tracking and feedback from all nodes, makes your logistics worry-free, and you can also try a small order!